Celebrating 25 years at Cooper Parry


We like to celebrate here at CPIT and what better celebration than our fantastic Senior Systems Manager Mark Cox’s 25 years at Cooper Parry? We’ve asked him some questions about his time in tech and what it’s like being an IT geek at Cooper Parry. 


What’s the best technological thing you’ve seen adopted in business (either ours or a clients) over that time? 


I think it’s got to be Office 365 and cloud computing. Its been a game changer for us and for our customers. When I first started, we didn’t even have email and now I can work wherever I am, on any machine with an internet connection. If you’d have asked me if we would be able do that back then, I’d have probably laughed, a lot!! 


What’s your favourite task today and what was your favourite task 25 years ago? 


We were a completely different beast back then. I guess it was building PC’s back in the day was the thing I used to enjoy, installing the OS off floppy disks and installing RAM and things. My favourite today would have to be developing automated processes for our systems here to try and help fix problems before they occur. It not only saves our service desk guys time, but also our customers. 


Fav piece of tech today is? Fav piece of tech 25 years ago was? 


25 years ago, it would have to be my first laptop, it was a green screen 386 DX2 Dell laptop and I thought that it was amazing, as it was both compact and light weight (nothing compared to devices nowadays but great for back then). Picking one piece of tech for today is difficult, there’s so much cool stuff that’s come out recently and is coming out. I’m a bit of a gamer at heart so I love my Xbox One X and I can’t wait to see what happens next year when the new Xbox and PlayStation are released. 


Do you still get excited about tech and what you do? 


Yes, I do. Everything is constantly changing, so every day you can come across something new and different. I think the phrase “every days a school day” is a perfect fit for this. 


One stand out moment at CP is … 


I have so many different things, probably a lot of which I pretty sure I can’t write about here. If I have to pick one I think moving to Sky View from Pride Park was a big moment for me. The layout and atmosphere of the building was so different and exciting. I know it was something we tried to do back when we were in Pride Park, but it just didn’t seem quite right, but seeing this place for the first time I couldn’t believe what we had here. The fact that its constantly evolving as well as we grow is just incredible, its just a great environment to work in. 


The best part about working at CP today is … 


It sounds corny but it’s got to be the team and culture that we have here. We have an amazing bunch of people who both work and play hard. It just makes everyday both fun and interesting. 




What would you say to anyone looking to move IT companies about joining CP? 


Do it!! Our culture here and the team are just the best, I know I keep saying that but its true. (That and the infinite holiday, pool table, Xbox One, Arcade machine, pinball table 😊) 


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