The 4th Industrial Revolution is Here & It’s Moving Fast

its the fourth industrial revolution - dont get left behind

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)? Let’s start by pointing out that it’s not Internet of Things (IoT) or big data. It’s not Factory 4.0 or the smart factory. It’s of them – and more. The first industrial revolution mechanised production. The second created mass production. The third automated it. Now, the fourth is taking that digital model even further – faster than anyone could have expected. Along the way, it’s disrupting every industry.

The change brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution is inevitable, not optional. And the possible rewards are staggering

World Economic Forum

Amidst this shift in how people and businesses connect. Where businesses either sink or swim. PKF Cooper Parry have identified a formula that establishes a solid technology foundation. It identifies business problem areas and puts in place streamlined processes to aid business growth – modernising for the better.


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